Aldo Group Case Studues

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ALDO challenges in terms of HR Involvement

Maintain Current HR standard while expanding

The first challenge facing the Group is recruitment. The company would like to hire 10,000 new employees, which is a challenge in itself. It also wants to make sure that these people are committed to customer service.

Employee Referrals: The best way to recruit employees, particularly in large numbers, is through referrals from current staff. Studies have shown that this is a most effective recruitment tool, particularly, if referrals are tied to monetary bonuses.

High-school graduate
Aldo can also recruit high-school graduates. They are a perfect demographic for part-time work and about the same age as Aldo’s workforce.

Career Fairs
Career fairs are another effective way to reach a diversity of candidates. Aldo can advertise their job fair in variety of media such as newspapers, television, and handouts. That way more people know about the job fair and participate.

Selection Process
Again, it is big challenge for ALDO to apply the cost effective common selection process for more than 10,000 new hiring.

Internet base personality test
Aldo, recruiters could start with an internet-based personality test to determine whether candidates are extrovert enough, conscientious and open to working with customers. (??—True color personality tests, Jung personality test) Interview

The interview focus should be on customer service and employee creativity. This can be done through behavioral descriptive interviews.

Performance test and work sample
Aldo can give chances to work for a day or half for testing the performance at busiest time. That way store employees or manager find their performance on customer service and creativity

Compensation is a crucial factor in retaining employees and attracting key people in the industry. Commissions encourage employees to be innovative and demonstrate entrepreneurship but big challenge for...
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