Managing People and Organizations

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recruitment by advertising.


Review of literature on the topic of recruitment by advertising.

In this section, I will be discussing the views of Torrington, Hall and Taylor (2008) and Michael

Armstrong (2006) on the topic of recruitment. More specifically on the method of recruitment by


The section will be divided into three parts. In part one I will be giving a short introduction,

explaining the general topic of recruitment by advertising. Part two will be the review of the

authors views on this topic, followed by part three which will be the comparison of the authors


Part One: Introduction

When organizations want to recruit new employees, they have two choices, either by internal or

external recruitment. An internal recruitment strategy is characterized by promoting employees

within the organization to fill positions. External recruitment is when organizations look to fill

vacancies, by recruiting suitable applicants outside the organization. There are different

methods of external recruitment, these include by head hunting, by campus recruitment, job

centres and lastly by advertisements. Recruitment advertisements are the first impression of a

company to attract new employees, so in a sense it may be the first and last chance to get the

attention of any potential applicants when they first notice the advertisement.

Part two: literature review

Author 1: Derek Torrington, Laura Hall & Stephen Taylor (2008)

According to Torrington, Hall & Taylor (2008), employers use advertising agencies to aid them

in drafting and marketing recruitment advertisements. In contrast with head-hunters or

recruitment consultants, such agencies are considered a cheaper option. The employer saves

money, as the agency receives payment from the commission paid to advertising media.

Torrington, Hall & Taylor (2008) compare the advantages and disadvantages of traditional

methods of recruitment in relation to recruitment by advertising. These include job centres,

visiting universities, management selection consultants and many more. The drawbacks of most

of these methods, is that they are costly , labour/ time consuming and sometimes produce short

term staff who might not be trusted.

As advertising being the best option, the authors focus on the experience of the agency, as in

the long run this would be the main factor for quality service, which in turn will attract the best

suitable applicants. The agency will choose carefully, where to place the advertisement as to

attract the required qualified and skilled workforce. The most common choices are trade

journals and newspapers. In relation to newspapers, is it better to choose one that is most read.

In recent years, the Guardian newspaper has taken the lead with 40% of the share market, for

certain type of job advertisements, such as in education, in media and public sector jobs. On the

other hand, senior private sector jobs, are mostly advertised in competing newspapers, such as

the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Times and the Financial Times. A good source for up to date

advertising pricing information, would be the website of British Rate Data, whereas the National

Survey website provides readership statistics (Torrington, Hall & Taylor,2008).

Torrington, Hall & Taylor (2008), suggest that the cost of advertising space and the need to

make advertisements appealing, are two factors that should be taken into account when drafting

a recruitment advertisement. In general, the advertisement should include, the name and brief

details of the company, job details, training required, salary details , the criteria and

competences required , and lastly instructions on how to apply for the position. Experienced

agencies should be able to advice the best possible way to structure these points. However,

employers are reluctant...
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