Surviving in the Wilderness

Topics: Survival skills, Drinking water, Water Pages: 8 (1545 words) Published: June 30, 2008

The risk taken when adventuring in the wilderness can be a fatal one if one is

unprepared and lacking some basic tools and knowledge. There are three basic points

when dealing with wilderness survival. The first being food then shelter then warmth.

This paper is going to give details and insight into each of the three points.

Food, as anyone would know, is vital to survival. Whenever planning to take an

adventure, always pack enough food and water to avoid the stress and inconvenience of

looking for sustenance. If one is caught in a situation where food is not readily available

there are plenty of sources in the wilderness. Fish is a great food for a balanced diet and

is available anywhere in the world, and a good thing to know is that all birds are able to

be eaten. Sap from a poplar is sweet and can be eaten raw. If one is at an oceanic

wilderness, all seaweed is edible. If one is stranded in the arctic, all vegetation is edible

with the exception of mushrooms. Deer is probably the best meat to have in the, wilder-

ness though it may be hard to hunt without the proper equipment. When hunting and

eating remember fat is a very important part of survival. Blood gives one the nutrition

one need and it can be added into sups and other foods, and is easy to find on most

evergreens. A good source of heat and energy is Spruce tea. Spruce tea is

easy to make, all one need is spruce needles and hot water. When eating plants, it is

important to know what plants one are eating to avoid further discomfort. There are

certain plants that can kill you within hours.

Water is very important especially when in tropical or dry places. Be sure to

bring plenty of containers to gather water in. A normal human can only go a few days

without water in a dry or tropical place where sweating can lead to dehydration. When

looking for drinking water, look for signs of animals (McNab 58). The tracks of animals

means the water is relatively safe to drink. A good way to gather water during rain

without the proper supplies is to tie a rag or shirt around a branch and let it absorb the

water then drink from the shirt (McNab 62). If at sea it is important to remember that salt

water does more bad than good so do not drink it. If in an arctic environment, do not eat

snow it lowers ones body temperature and costs ones in the long run. Our intake of water

should much exceed our output of water. This is important to remember to avoid


To keep healthy and avoid parasites, always boil water first, if possible. There are a few

easy ways to catch animals to eat. A death pit is a large hole in the ground with large or

small spears at the bottom. Covered with sticks and brush, it is a hard fall for any animal

who crosses over. A great way to catch fish is to find a stream with fish and put rocks or

a net in the stream so when the fish swim with the current they are trapped on one side by

the rocks or net and the other side by the current. Fish hooks and spears are also easy to

make and make fishing a lot easier. Theses are a few hints and pointers so finding and

hunting food and water will not be as hard as one would think thought.

Warmth is more vital in some places than others. Even though in tropical climates

the nights can be very cold and any little thing can help survive. There are a few little 3
things that people can know and use when supplies are running low. Making fire is easy

if you have the right supplies if not there are ways to do it. This is the most common way

of making a fire with nothing but a knife and what one can find in the woods. First find a

stick about a foot high and another stick a little longer. Use a shoe-lace or any thin vine to

attach to the longer stick to make it look like a bow. Then try to find a...
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