Psy 201 Week 7 Assignment

Topics: Intelligence, Psychometrics, Intelligence quotient Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Foundations of Psychology
Week 7 Assignment: Testing Intelligence
Instructor: Trent Koide
By: Cherish Anderson
I would have to say yes that feel the results were accurate. Some of the questions I had to really put some thought into, and I tend to like those types of exercises because it makes me feel like I am actually putting my brain to use. IQ tests cannot be statistically demonstrated to measure innate intelligence because there is no way to verify their accuracy without changing the common definitions of intelligence to be a list of quantifiable real-life criteria to test accuracy. No such list can match the common definitions of innate intelligence, or even come close because the intelligence component of such criteria, free of bias, cannot be defined, separated, and quantified. Imagine that person A) goes to a good school, where they often practice questions similar to IQ tests. Sometimes they even take IQ tests. Person B goes to a bad school, they don't practice similar questions or IQ tests. Both are presented an IQ test. It is possible that person B) is more intelligent, but not having practiced an IQ test is not prepared for it. They are expected to do worse and probably will. I believe that IQ tests only measure one aspect of intelligence and may not be valid across every person. Some people may be more skilled in certain areas, and some people may not have had the background to excel in IQ tests. So, having IQ tests to compare different people is not very meaningful.
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