Psy 220 Week1 Checkpoint

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Happiness Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: December 23, 2012
When researchers refer to Subjective well-being or SWB it is life satisfaction, the presence of positive affect, and a relative absence of negative affect. SWB is one’s view of his own personal idea of happiness. This defines how one experiences the quality of life through emotional reactions feelings and moods and cognitive judgments about what an individual thinks of his life satisfaction in global terms as a whole or specifics such as career or relationships.

SWB is measured by each individual’s personal perception of his life instead of a researcher’s point of view. There are various methods of survey to help measure these individual perceptions. According to University of Phoenix  Positive Psychology (2009), Early research in the 70’s were completed by National Surveys asking participants about personal satisfaction with their lives as a whole, other researchers used a series of facial expressions and gestures to compare which most closely represented their feelings. Today’s SWB research has three components: life satisfaction, positive affect, and negative affect.

When presented with the hypothetical possibility of being hooked-up to an “experience machine that would guarantee a constant state of cheerful happiness and positive emotion presently I would choose this option. I am forty-seven years old. I have experienced times in my life where my health, career, marriage, and friendships were stress-free simultaneously with the absence of negative emotions in my life I enjoyed riding these hedonic waves while they lasted. I did not long for negative moods like anger, anxiety, fear, or sadness. While I experience that if you do not experience sadness you may not fully appreciate the real joy of happiness. It would be like the sun shining daily. It wouldn’t be as exciting as the day after the storm. At my age I have had my share of grief, stress, and tragedy therefore, the only thing that could be more enjoyable is if I had to continue to experience...
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