Prior of Marketting Strategies

Topics: KBS World, 1 Utama, Astro Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad had used Facebook as one of the marketing and promotional strategy. It had been used to update the latest information of the company, new promotion, and description of the movie or drama that will show on. Prior of 15 October 2012, they had launched numerous promotional and marketing strategies for example adding new channel, roadshow and Free HD upgrade plus two months free Broadband and Astro Super Pack rebates. On October 2012, Astro posted that it will add KBS World HD on Astro Channel 392 starting on 15 October 2012. KB World HD is a Korean TV Channel which will be provided 24 hours by Astro to their customers. The channel provides News and Magazine Shows, Cultural and Documentary programmes, latest Drama series produced by KBS and Music and Variety Shows. This channel allows the customers getting the latest Korean news. This channel broadcast in Korean language and substitles are available in English(over 80% of all programs), chinese(15%) and Bahasa Malaysia(Over 5%). This Channel also can be view in SD on Channel 391. By adding this Korean new channel, it has 91 people like the status and about 13 people share this news. Most of the facebook’s followers were very happy to hear about the new channel. However, some of the people hoping that Astro can provide more other countries channel. In the past, Astro had hold a lot of roadshow. It will also have astro circle on 3rd and 4th November at AEON Ipoh Station 18,Ipoh and 24th and 25th November at AEON Bukit Tinngi, Klang. For the prior 15 October, a successful astro circle has been hold on 8th and 9th September from 10am and 10pm at Highstreet 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Based on the comments received from participants, it showed that the participants enjoyed the event. This Information was posted on 7th, 8th and 9th September on its facebook website. From these three posts, it has received more than 80 people like and three people share this information. In order to attend this...
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