Market Plan

Topics: Big-box store, Cosmetics, Target Corporation Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Table of Contents
Product Description
* Define the need
* Product overview
Target Market
* Market Segmentation
* Consumer Profile
Market analysis
* Market Overview
* Analysis of macro environment
* Competition analysis
* SWOT analysis
Product Capability
Positioning Statement
Objective to be achieved
* Financial objective
* Marketing objective
Market Plan Implementation
Market plan Control
Part 1: Market and Consumer Analysis
Trend in the market:
The current trend in the Canadian market for goods and services is facing a transition. Previously, Canadian market had a variety of boutique and smaller businesses but now the current trend is big box stores like Target or Marshall. The big box stores provide consumer with lower prices and range of different products from fashion, kitchen accessories to cosmetic products. The effect of this retail trend is a lot of Canadian independent retailer’s disappeared; less competition with boutiques in the cosmetic department and other big brands lowered their prices on their products. Canadian consumers are happy with the expansion of big box store it does not affect their nationalist pride. This trend will just open more opportunity for CoverGirl to provide its products with the big box stores. The benefits of providing the product in big box store is added convenience for consumers and numerous locations. However, there is lack of personal service in big box stores, if consumers wanted to see a consultant for this new product they would need to visit Shoppers Drug Mart for personal assistance.

Promote FWB Online:
CoverGirl will be launching new product FullMake Washable Base (FWB) and it is the first product in North America that is unique when it comes to makeup removal. The fact that it is a new product makes it a challenge to promote it to consumers. The task is to convince consumers to switch the way they remove their makeup. CoverGirl will be...
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