Ppd Marketing Strategy Paper

Topics: World population, Population growth, Overpopulation Pages: 19 (4186 words) Published: March 18, 2011

Topic Page No.

2.Introduction to the Paper1
3.PPD Background2
4.Market Situation2

5.Marketing Strategy: PPD5

a.Target Market5
b.SWOT Analysis6
c.Value Innovation & Engineering7
d.Holistic Communication Network8
e.Value Pricing8
f.Value Proposition8
g.Value Delivery11
h.Control Mechanism11
i.Quality Management System11
j.Objectively Verifiable Indicators11

6.Action Programs13
a.Phase 1: Relationship Building13
b.Phase 2: Holistic Communication Network [HCN]15
c.HCN System16

7.Critical Risk Analysis17



Introduction to the Paper

The strategic marketing plan has been made for the Partnership for Population Development (PPD), as per the requirements set by them.


To partner services from consultants and clients through mutual exchange of values and relationship building


?Create sustainable relationship with the stakeholders
?Develop segmenting, targeting and positioning strategy
?Develop effective communication strategy
?Develop marketing action plan
?Determine objectively verifiable indicators
?Develop apposite incentive plan for the consultants based on performance


The scope of this plan is, using the current market situation as indicators, to come up with a comprehensive strategy that will make PPD more effective.


The research that was conducted was used both primary and secondary methods.

Source of Primary Data
The information was collected from interviews with clients and consultants, both on local levels and international levels. The methods used were: •Depth interviews
Online interviews
Telephone interviews

Source of Secondary Data
Secondary data used was in the forms of internet articles and journals


The major limitations were the lack of information on overall industry standards and activities and also market information at a global level.


Partners in Population and Development (PPD) is the only organization in the world fully dedicated to the promotion of South-South partnerships. PPD is an inter-governmental organization (IGO), launched at the 1994 ICPD in Cairo. PPD has a unique mandate, which is cemented in the ICPD Programme of Action and the ICPD+5 document adopted in 1999 by the United Nations General Assembly. It recognizes that primarily governments and NGOs in the member countries are best able to address their own domestic challenges locally and address the shortcomings by sharing the successful experiences of other countries. The alliance is dedicated to forming partnerships between and among individuals, organizations and the governments of developing countries.

The marketing strategy has been formulated for PPD in order to ensure maximum utilization of resources at their disposal. Moreover, this plan will provide ways to increase their capacity. In the current scenario, the work which PPD does is very important for the sustainment and betterment of not just nations and societies, but also of humankind and its future.

With this in mind, this strategy has been formulated to provide a holistic approach to PPD’s contribution to the world, and to society in particular. The strategy will consider the current pool of consultants, possible clients (both governmental and non-governmental), and the donor agencies of PPD.

Even though the strategy is global in nature, and the market research done was also global. Most of the data was collected from Bangladesh and therefore, some parts of the report body contain examples which are in the Bangladeshi context.

Market Situation

The continual change in the demographics of the world makes operating in...
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