Marketing Plan Phase Two Paper

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  • Published : August 15, 2011
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Marketing Plan: Phase II Paper
MKT 421

This paper will provide in detail researched information regarding marketing plan as it relates to the Mammography Cup. Ideas and information consists of the segmentation criteria, target market, organization buyers and consumers, factors that influence purchasing decisions, and the current competition. The company Gentle Life is in the market of a pain free product that will make life easier for those people whom are in need of breast examinations. The company will present product to Konica Minolta Imaging, which is one of the leading imaging digital companies in America. The equipment for mammograms designs have remained the same. The segmentation idea of the product we created derives from the other version of mammogram equipment. The equipment currently used in hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities consists of a flat surface that the breast is pulled into and then pressed down by another flat surface to keep the breast in place, followed by a scanner that scans just a portion of the breast at a time. This procedure is long and painful to most patients because of the continuous turning of the breast to image different sides and the flat cold surface and the pulling of the breast onto the flat machine. With our product improvement it will be in the same market for the breast, however with a different tactic to decreasing the pain and the coldness of plastic and also the long procedure of time used. Instead of a flat surface that pulls the chest, the breast mammogram cup will fit onto any breast or chest for males or females. The word cup is important because the purpose is gently to cup the area without pulling, yanking or tugging. The market we are trying to impact is those individuals who are need of mammogram examinations but feel embarrassed, shy or even skeptical of the procedure. For those who have had the examination before know how the...
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