Point of Sales

Topics: Entity-relationship model, Data flow diagram, Transaction processing Pages: 3 (349 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Table of Contents

1. Introduction1-1
1. Statement of the Problem1-2
1. General Problem1-2
2. Specific Problems1-3
2. Current State of Technology1-5
3. Objectives of the study1-7
3. General Objective1-7
4. Specific Objectives1-8
5. Scope and Limitations1-9

2. Theoretical Framework2-1
1. Introduction2-1
2. Transaction Processing System2-1
3. IT Theories2-2
1. Inventory Management2-2
2. Point of Sales2-2
3. Microsoft Visual Basic2-3
4. Microsoft Access2-4
5. Database Normalization2-4
1. First Normalization2-5
2. Second Normalization2-5
3. Third Normalization2-5
4. Non-IT Theory2-5
6. Re-order Point2-5
5. Summary2-6

3. Point of Sales with Inventory Management System
and Barcode Integration for Little Town School and
Office Supplies3-1

1. Introduction3-1
2. System Design Specification3-1
1. Data Flow Diagram3-1
2. Entity Relationship Diagram3-1
3. Hierarchy Input Process Output3-2
4. Current Data Flow of Little Town School and
Office Supplies3-2

5. Context DFD3-3
5. Data Flow Diagram of the Proposed System3-3
5. Level 0 DFD of the Proposed System3-4
5. ERD of the Proposed System3-5
5. HIPO Chart3-8
1. File Diagram3-8
2. Transaction Diagram3-8
3. Report Generation Diagram3-9
4. File Maintenance Diagram3-10
5. Utilities Diagram3-10
5. Summary3-11

4. Performance Analysis4-1...
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