A Project Proposal for a Point of Sale System

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ASP.NET Web Pages - Publishing the Website
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Learn how to publish a Web Pages application without using WebMatrix.

Publish Your Application Without Using WebMatrix
An ASP.NET Web Pages application can be published to a remote server by using the Publish commands in WebMatrix (,Visual Web Developer,or Visual Studio). This function copies all your application files, cshtml pages, images, and all the required DLL files for Web Pages, for Razor, for Helpers, and for SQL Server Compact (if a database is used). Sometimes you don't want to use this option. Maybe your hosting provider only supports FTP? Maybe you already have a web site based on classic ASP? Maybe you want to copy the files yourself? Maybe you want to use Front Page, Expression Web, or some other publishing software? Will you get a problem? Yes, you will. But you can solve it. To perform a web copy, you have to know how to include the right files, what DDL files to copy, and where store them. Follow these steps:

1. Use the Latest Version of ASP.NET
Before you continue, make sure your hosting computer runs the latest version of ASP.NET (4.0).

2. Copy the Web Folders
Copy your website (all folders and content) from your development computer to an application folder on your remote hosting computer (server). If your App_Data folder contains test data, don't copy the App_Data folder (see SQL Data below).

3. Copy the DLL Files
On the remote server create a bin folder in the root of your application. (If you have installed Helpers, you already have a bin folder) Copy everything from your folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft ASP.NET\ASP.NET Web Pages\v1.0\Assemblies to your application's bin folder on the remote server.

4. Copy the SQL Server Compact DLL Files
If your application has a SQL Server Compact database (an .sdf file in App_Data folder), you must copy the SQL Server Compact DLL files: Copy everything from your folder:
C:\Program Files...
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