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Discuss and illustrate by way of examples the role that a sales person plays in modern marketing organisations There are various types of personal selling jobs, and the role of personal selling can vary from one company to another. Selling is one of the oldest professions in the world. The person in charge of the sales go by many names: salespeople, sales representatives, account executives, sales consultants, sales engineers, agents, district managers, marketing representatives, and account development reps, to name just a few. Today, most salespeople are well-educated, Perceived as honest people they empathizie Reliability consistent in therw work , knowledgeable regarding the are of sale, Helpful with the clients and hungry to win other’s affection. Today a sales person must be a Risk taker and self confident in his ability , most of the time driven my his ego and sense of mission and mostly have a Chronic hunger for money and get as many sales as possible costs what it costs. This makes them well-trained professionals who work to build and maintain long-term customer relationships by listening to their customers, assessing customer needs, and organizing the company's efforts to solve customer problems. The term salesperson covers a wide range of positions. At one extreme, a salesperson might be largely an order taker, such as the department store salesperson standing behind the counter. At the other extreme are order getters, whose positions demand the creative selling of products and services ranging from appliances, industrial equipment, or airplanes to insurance, advertising, or consulting services. Other salespeople engage in missionary selling: These salespeople are not expected or permitted to take an order but only build goodwill or educate buyers. An example is a salesperson for a pharmaceutical company who calls on doctors to educate them about the company's drug products and to urge them to prescribe these products to their patients. Here, we...
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