Sales Operations

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Sales Operation (SOM 222 S)

Assignment 1

Date: August 2011


1. Proactive approach to determine training needs
The training needs assessment is a critical activity for the training and development function. To be effective and efficient, all training programs must start with a needs assessment. All training begins with a transfer of knowledge. Through assimilation, understanding, practice and refinement, knowledge is converted into skill. Without a solid understanding of the sales process, it isn’t possible to develop good selling skills. Proactive approaches to determine sales training needs include methods such as: a) Sales for audit

The requirements set by the a job in terms of achieving organizational objectives can be used to develop accurate standards for staff member performance, which not only reflect the current contribution of the staff member to achieving organizational objectives but can also provide reasons for further training and development or even corrective action. Sales force audit which is defined as systematic, diagnostic, prescriptive tool which can be employed on a periodic basis to identify and address sales departmental problems and prevent or reduce the impact of future problems. By using this tool problem areas can be identified, reasons for the problem and corrective measures can be suggested including training.

b) Performance testing
Performance measures, such as sales volume, number of calls, and selling expenses can help managers assess training needs. Sales people may be asked to exhibit particular sales skills, such as demonstrating a product or preparing for a sales meeting. Other skills like customer care, product knowledge can be assessed by performance testing while the trainer evaluates the employee’s performance. This method correctly identifies the gabs that need to be addressed and therefore is a reliable training need assessment tool.

c) Customer survey
Unhappy customers equals to lost profits. That is why customer surveys are vital to good business. By obtaining feedback from the actual product or service users, companies can identify and fix problems before customers decide to take their business elsewhere. Every business wants to retain its customers. Not only are customer surveys quick and inexpensive to produce, they are also guaranteed to yield invaluable results. Findings from customer surveys can help companies develop the proper training package for its employee to complement identified gaps. Customer surveys are essential for any company that is committed to customer retention. Among the many things customer surveys can measure are: * Overall satisfaction

* Employee product knowledge level
* Customer service satisfaction

d) Job analysis
Job analysis is a systematic investigation into task, duties and responsibilities of one or more jobs. When analyzing a job category, background research must always be among the first steps in a job analysis process. Learning something about job analysis techniques employed by other organizations, the problems they encountered and their results could save the analyst an enormous amount of time, not to mention money. Information involving job content is collected and interpreted. There is variety of ways to collect this information; but the most general ones include site observation, interviews, questionnaires and reports.

NOTE: the example of my training need assessment for my organization is more agriculture related. Nature and Scope of the Work| | | | | |
 | Know most of the things | Know some aspects | Know a little | Know nothing| Content of the Job Description| | | | |
Acts and Regulations| | | | |
Report Writing (Annual Plan)| | | | |
Farmers training and Extension| | | | |
Farm Inspection/Community Visit| | | | |
Supervision of Auctions| | | | |
Vaccination Campaigns| | | | |
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