Guidelines for Writing Project Proposal

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  • Published: March 20, 2009
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These guidelines reflect the objectives and funding criteria of all of IDRC's programs. Due to their general nature, some of the subcategories may not apply in every case.

The guidelines cover the major categories required in a proposal and address some general questions concerning the proposed structure and content of the documentation.

A proposal's maximum length can be discussed with an IDRC program officer. Generally, the Centre prefers that the research proposal, excluding appendices, not exceed 20 single-spaced pages.

Proposals may be submitted in English or in French. They can also be written in Spanish, but a summary of several pages will need to be translated into English or French at the time that the proposal is finalized. Project overview

* Title: This should be a short phrase describing the subject of the proposal. Be sure to provide the name of the research organization, the name of the project leader, and collaborating research organizations. * Estimated budget: Estimate the total cost of the project in national currency. * Estimated duration: Indicate how many months it will take to complete the entire project, including writing and submitting the final reports. * Objectives: Indicate both the general and specific objectives of the project. * Abstract: Provide a summary of 150 to 300 words of the problem, how it will be studied, the expected results, and how they will be used.

Administrative information

* Project leader: Name the person(s) who would have the main responsibility for the technical and administrative coordination of the project. Include the project leader's title, address, work and home telephone numbers, cable/telex and fax numbers, and email address (if available). Proposals to establish a research network should include the name of the network's coordinator and the institution where the network will be headquartered. * Recipient institution: Name the recipient...
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