Logical Framework Approach

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A Guide for Project M&E

Managing for Impact in Rural Development



of a Project
Logframe Matrix

Table of Contents of Annex B
B.1 Reviewing an Existing Logical Framework Matrix
B.2 Reworked Logframe Matrix

This Annex is useful for:
• Managers - to help when revising the project
design and its logical framework;
• Consultants - to ensure that the proposed
project design is based on good design
• IFAD and cooperating institution staff - to check
that the proposed project design meets "good
practice" standards.

B -2




This Annex provides an example of how to develop and improve the logframe matrix for an IFAD-supported project by giving a “before revision” and “after revision” comparison. The “before” logframe matrix is shown with comments on the problems and how these could be overcome. The “after” logframe matrix shows the partial reworking of the original logframe matrix. The example is based on several IFAD-supported projects and so represents a fictitious project.

There is no such thing as a perfect logframe matrix. The best results come from considerable discussion among key stakeholders, guided by facilitators who have a good understanding of the project context and logframe planning. If the project strategy is put to use by stakeholders after the discussions, then the logframe matrix is simply a support and a reminder. The intention of this Annex is to provide ideas and tips about the types of issues that require attention and discussion when developing a good logframe matrix. The reworked example is not intended to be perfect or complete. Different people, including those very experienced with logframes, will often have different ideas and opinions about how to structure a project. Therefore, to develop a good logframe requires several rounds of discussion and revision. The logical framework approach and matrix are discussed in detail in Section 3.

B.1 Reviewing an Existing Logical Framework Matrix
Table B-1 gives an example of a logical framework matrix that has several weaknesses and could be improved.
When you review a logframe matrix or develop one from the start it is helpful to keep in mind its following three uses:

Providing a general overview of the project;


Providing the basis for project implementation, including the development of annual work plans and budgets;


Providing an overview of how project performance will be monitored and evaluated.

The art of developing a useful logframe matrix is to make it specific and clear but not too long. Remember that the detail needed for implementation will be more than what is required to provide an overview for those appraising a project for funding. The lack of adequate detail is why project staff often do not use a logframe matrix to guide project implementation. When you begin to review or develop a new logframe matrix, it is a good idea first to develop a visual overview of the project’s objective hierarchy. Figure B-1 shows this for the original matrix and Figure B-2 for the reworked example. Such a visual overview makes it easier to understand how the different parts of the project fit together. When working with a group of stakeholders to develop the project objective hierarchy and matrix, visualise the objective hierarchy on a large wall by using separate cards for each element. The cards can then be moved around as people discuss the best way to structure the project. See the logic testing questions in Table 3-4 in Section 3.4, that can be used to guide this process of refining the structure.




Table B-1 shows the original logframe matrix, with numbers to indicate weak areas. Table B-2 analyses these key weaknesses. In summary, they are:

The whole matrix is not detailed and specific enough to provide an adequate overview of the project.


There are no...
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