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Topics: Assessment, Summative assessment, Evaluation Pages: 7 (1126 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Ans. 1
To understand:
The roles of:
• Initial assessment in identifying learner needs
• Formative assessment in tracking learner progress
• Summative assessment in assessing learner achievement
Ans. 2
The following are the key concepts and principles:
• Assessment as a process of making judgments of learners’ knowledge, skills and competence against set criteria • What is meant by validity and reliability?
• The role of evidence in making assessment decisions
• What is meant by evidence being authentic, sufficient and current? • The importance of objectivity and fairness to learners
• The importance of transparency for the learner.
Ans. 3
The following are assessor’s responsibilities:
• Understanding and applying the standards and requirements they are working to • planning assessments to meet learner needs
• communicating assessment requirements to learners
• carrying out assessments
• comparing evidence with set standards
• making assessment decisions
• recording the assessment process and decisions
• providing feedback to learners
• taking part in standardization processes
• taking part in continuing professional development
Ans. 4
The general requirements for the assessments they are responsible for – for example, those of the awarding organization or regulatory body – and the key source documents. • The importance of complying with the relevant assessment strategy if assessing a qualification

Ans. 5
The strengths and weaknesses of four different assessment methods selected from are: • Observation of performance in the work environment
• examining products of work
• discussing with the learner
• Use of others (witness testimony)
• looking at candidate statements
• Recognizing prior learning
• Assessments in simulated environments
• Skills tests
• Oral and written questions
• Assignments
• Projects
• Case studies

Ans. 6
The following are key factors to consider when planning assessment: • Standards/criteria to be used
• Types and volume of evidence required
• Choice of assessment methods
• Communication with learner and others involved
• Location and resources
• Time and duration of assessment
• Specific learner needs and any support required
• How to manage the assessment process
• Recording assessment processes and decisions
• Feedback to learner
• The importance of complying with the relevant assessment strategy if planning the assessment of a qualification

Ans. 7

The benefits of using a holistic approach to assessment are: • Efficient evidence collection for the learner and assessor • Evidence that can be used for more than one unit
• identifying how the learner integrates for example, knowledge and understanding into their practice

Ans. 8
It is how to plan assessments so that a variety of required evidence can be derived from one assessment occasion. Holistic assessment opportunities
If the candidate assessor is also attempting either of the following units: • Assess occupational competence in the work environment
• Assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding
Evidence for the above could come from a discussion with the candidate assessor about how they have planned assessments to make the most efficient use of evidence generation.

Ans. 9

The following are the types of risks that may be involved in assessment in own area of responsibility: • Health and safety
• Unrealistic/unnecessary stress on the learner
• Inauthentic evidence/collusion/unjustifiable support to the learner • Over-assessment
• Potential for unfairness to learner
•Failing to meet the requirements of any relevant assessment strategy if assessing a qualification

Ans. 10

In order to minimize risks through the planning process, we need to manage assessments to minimize risks associated with: • Health and safety
• Learner stress
• Potential for inauthentic evidence, collusion, unjustifiable support to the learner • Fairness

Ans. 11
The benefits of involving...
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