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Topics: Marketing, Social responsibility, Recession Pages: 4 (791 words) Published: March 21, 2013

You will be working in teams on this project. Your goal: to present a thorough and thoughtful analysis of one of the following current marketing topics. DUE: December 6

The Recessionary Economy
Questions for consideration:
– How have companies/marketers responded to, or even leveraged, the economic downturn? Keep an eye out for local promotions (e.g., half-priced wine, recession menus, etc.). – What is happening to product, price, place and promotion? – How are customers defining value? How influential is brand? How important is service?

Social Responsibility
Questions for consideration:
– How do companies “do good while doing well?”
– How has corporate social responsibility evolved (from cause marketing to sustainability)? – How does a company’s commitment to social responsibility influence consumer behavior? – How have consumer expectations of corporate social responsibility evolved?

The Changing U.S. Consumer
Questions for consideration:
– How is U.S. consumer changing (e.g., age, ethnicity, other)? – What are effective marketers doing now and in anticipation of the changes? – What do we need to know in order to prepare for the demographic changes in the U.S.?

Made in the USA
Questions for consideration:
– In what ways is this feature important to U.S. consumer decision making? – How has this expectation changed for consumers (e.g., from ethnocentrism to buying local)? – How are companies/marketers responding to customer wants, needs and expectations?

Bricks & Mortar v. Online
Local powerhouse Bricks & Mortar brands Target and Best Buy are struggling in the new normal were online giants like Amazon and Zappos win over of online and mobile commerce. – What are the strengths and weaknesses of each retail space? – What challenges do Bricks & Mortar companies like Target and Best Buy face? – How have customer definitions of value evolved? Is it all just about price?...
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