Secret Recipe Plan

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After the authorization of Secret Recipe as a title of our assignment by respected lecturer, we would able to start assignment on time. Our team of 8 members has been queried to assess the market for Secret Recipe in order to develop a marketing strategy with properly planning’s for the Secret Recipe. The main objective of we doing this report is to identify the Secret Recipe currently management and communication level in business in order to develop an successful marketing planning in future for our evaluation of assignment . We did this through completing a market analysis, determining the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat that Secret Recipe facing currently.

As we know, the Secret Recipe Cakes and Cafe have established their brand name in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, China, and Brunei. The purpose of this business plan is to analyze the strategic planning for Secret Recipe Cakes and Cafe. The strategic planning is able to help the Secret Recipe Cakes and Cafe to expand and build the brand name and increase the company sales and profit. Across Malaysia the cafe business has seen an explosion growth in these few years. In our market research, there are few competitors such as Old Town Cafe, QSR branch, Starbucks and Coffee Beans provide the food and beverage service. The explosion growth in cafe business provides the variety choice for customers to dine out. Therefore, company should be able to provide the food and service based on the domestic consumer behaviour.

The Secret Recipe cafe has over 150 outlets throughout Malaysia and Asia. The distribution channel through the franchise is able the Secret Recipe product distribute equally and efficiently. In the analysis report, the current trend in Malaysia is the customers prefer dining outside from their home these days. Nowadays, the consumers are more concerned the quality of food and services. In addition, the customers have the purchasing power due to higher wages and good financial background but some portion of lower income level customer will have the constraint upon purchasing power. MISSION

The mission of the Secret Recipe cafe is to redefine the lifestyle by setting the benchmark in specialty cake, fusion food and services. On the other hands, the Secret Recipe cafe also combats to produce the high and standard quality to increase the brand value. In enhance to increase the customer’s satisfaction and serve premium quality products. VISION

The Secret Recipe cafe strives to success to increase the brand awareness and good brand impression. The cafe strives to control and self regulate on the food and service quality. The core values proposed by the Secret Recipe cafe

The principle of Secret Recipe Cafe is to maintain the food and beverage quality to maintain good relationship with customers. This is because the Secret Recipe Cafe produces their cake and food with quality ingredients to lead the high satisfaction for the customers. Dedication

This is normal a company to maximize performance and productivity in business. The company should be setting the goals, focusing the result, and obligation on to earn the profits to maintain the growth of the company. Besides that, the company should not focus on the short term gain but long term profitability. Concept

The Secret Recipe Cafe having the unique concept in the food menu and cakes. Besides that, the Secret Recipe cafe assists the domestic and international food and beverages. The Secret Recipe produces the food and beverage according to the culture and behaviour of the customers. Service

The friendly, quality and unique service will distinguish apart from the other competitors. The service will help the company to maintain relationship with their customers. Result oriented
The feedback and the complaints from the customers will influence the management and operation of the company. It is importance to gauge the...
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