Phonging or Writing Letter

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Whether the form of writing letter has been disappearing in the social communication and replaced by telephone totally, and how to preserve the custom of writing letter have aroused pervasive awareness. Personally, I agree the view that telephone has become the predominant role in our social life, but I would qualify it to some extent.

With the staggering advance of the information era, most of civilians tend to believe that writing letter cannot keep up the pace with the speed we need and cannot manage to compete with telephoning. To start with, not only these electronic devices can fulfill our demands, but it can also achieve the working style of telecommuting, which can be beneficial to both employees and employers. This is a working pattern that would not come true, depending on writing letter. Another benefit that should not be overlooked/neglected is that telephone enhance the quality of conversation process. We can express our emotional feelings with the tone and can receive the responses instantly instead of waiting for a letter for a period of time. Finally, apart from the strengths above, using telephone also bring down the utilization of paper for letter, which is, essentially, eco-friendly.

Even so, writing letter, to some degree, do have its value and we indeed have an obligation to disseminate and inherit this communication form. Firstly, government should reinforce and maintain the postal system regularly so that the letter can be sent in time and be received as soon as possible. Secondly, the sense of heightening the standard of culture by writing letter should be built up. Last but not the least, schools and parents also play an important role in propagating the way of writing letter. By that I mean, they should encourage teenagers to make pen friends or send letters to family members living overseas.

On balanced, we should not obsolete the communication form of writing letter coming from our magnificent culture, even though telephone...
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