Res/341 Current Business Research Project Paper

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Current Business Research Project paper

Week 1
University of Phoenix

Current Business Research Project
A business research was conducted on the effect that the new methods of communication via the new technology have on formal and informal writing. Define the business research and its purpose
Considering that we are currently in the Net Generation and electronic communication has substantially taken over a lot of the linguistic communication, as well as electronic communication shortcuts have also become quite popular, such as textism and instant messaging. The research was conducted to verify if the current net communication shortcuts have an effect on the quality of writing. Explain the business problems under investigation

The problems under investigation are whether textisms have a relationship with the problem seen in formal and informal writing among the younger "Net" generation. Describe the data collection methods used in the research project

The first data collection method in this research was the [query of seven hundred and eighty young adults, the query consisted of how often they used linguistics, contextual textisms, instant messaging, monthly cell minutes, and monthly text messaging. In the first study they were asked to write a formal letter to a company, and in the second study they were asked to write a formal letter, as well as an informal letter about happiness.] What did the researchers conclude as a result of their research?

[The research showed that textism was quite low. The data reflected a negative association between textism used in a daily basis, and formal writing. Also, a positive relationship was concluded between textism and informal writing. The relationships amongst these associations varied according to gender, age, and level of education. The highest variation was mainly amongst those without a college education.] When a person uses the informal writing method on a...
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