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M1 describe appropriate methods of written communication in different business contexts Introduction
The purpose of this factsheet is to develop for local entrepreneur’s ability to use written communication skills effectively in the context of a workplace setting. Local entrepreneur will develop their knowledge and understanding of the most appropriate forms of written communication for conveying messages to an internal audience and to external stakeholders and the public.

Memos are internal documents sent between staff members of staff. Although many organisations now use email instead, they may sometimes be used for complex matters, and to send information to staff without email access. For example, the organisation/company can used memo to write a formal report to its staff members including Directors about the outcomes of the meeting they had about party.

Emails can be sent internally or externally. For example, if Anna had emailed Nina with the information in the memo the wording would be the same, but the format would be different. For instance, Monsoon Accessorize may send as an email to its external audience confirming about goods that has been arrived.

Reports may be prepared for internal or external use. They are often written after carrying out research or undertaking an investigation, or to report on an event. For example, a report could be written that said whether certain costs have increased or decreased (with reason), or on alternative ways of updating the computer equipment.


Business letters are an important communication tool. For example, Monsoon Accessorize writes a letter to its clients and other businesses for correspondence regarding the goods has been ordered. Written communication provides a record of what has taken place. This is when you sign for a consignment that you collect or when customers sign for a delivery that they have accepted. The record becomes the proof of collection or...
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