Memo Review

Topics: Writing, Memorandum, Communication Pages: 4 (958 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Memorandum Review
Aftden White
February 4, 2013
Byron Johnson

Memorandums are written communication among employees of the same company; it resembles letters and e-mails. A writing a memorandum, the writer’s technique depends on the length. The memo will be written in a casual or informal language when the length is short. A professional or formal language is written when the memo length is long (Flatley, Lesikar, & Rentz, p. 96, 2008). The main thing to keep in mind, when writing and formatting a memo, is the audience. The writer knowing the audience will help with what information to keep or remove, whether the memo will be formal or informal, and word choice.

Memoradum Review
An informal memo, typically, is between two colleagues for notification of information or to obtain input on different subjects. Andrew Accountant’s memo was an informal memo the teammates to obtain information on the inventory methods of LastIn/FirstOut (LIFO) and FirstIn/ FirstOut (FIFO). The review of Andrew’s memo will show what information to use or remove and word choice, which both depends on the writer’s knowledge of the audience. Repercussions can arise when there is no knowledge of the audience. Inclusion of Information

The information of a memo is important because it tells the audience the reason for writing the memo. Memorandums can have information that does not apply to the message. For instance, Andrew had information about Macy’s winning the test case against the United States right to use LIFO. This information is not necessary because it does not apply to the company. A memo with information overload can cause the audience to lose their attention, and it has the potential of letting the audience know that they have no knowledge of the subject. Word Choice

“The words that communicate best will be those that appeal to your particular readers and enable them easily to understand what you are trying to say” (Flatley,...
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