Persuasive Messages

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Persuasive Messages
The Internet has changed most people’s lives as it pertains to their personal as well as to business situations. Nowadays consumers can buy and sell anything online without going to a store. The term is called e-tailing or Internet retailing. The focus of this paper is about business-to-consumer transactions, namely B2C and what is important to the consumers. Many components feed into e-tailing, which are essential for the success of a business. From advertising to branding to the structure of one’s website are necessary pieces that attract consumers aside from desirable products or services, of course. Products like CDs, books, or computers have low margins, which businesses can tolerate because they have global reach through the Internet to gain scale. The overarching communications environment plays a significant role. I will describe and examine the various aspects of communication messages in three behaviors inherent in e-tailing.

My first description of behavior within e-tailing centers on convenience. Consumers appreciate that they do not have to leave their home to shop for articles of clothing, home appliances, computers, and almost anything that one can think of. Although some merchandise is more popular than others for reasons such as high brand recognition, popular vendors, or low price, consumers are the deciding factor of whether or not an e-tailer will be successful. Communication with consumers can occur in many ways over a number of communication tools or mediums, such as e-mail, cell phones, PDAs, instant messages, pagers, or faxes.

Web Store Environment
An important factor in the web store environment is for businesses to create a positive and pleasing atmosphere for their customers. This environment will create a behavior that entices the consumers to visit the vendors’ websites and influences their purchases. The appearance of the front webpage is as important as the layout and the process from product selection to checkout. The webpage must appeal to the customer’s sense of value and webpage quality is instrumental for returning consumers. Vendor loyalty and positive navigational outcomes also influence the consumers’ behavior resulting in their willingness to buy.

Trust has a few meanings in the web environment, and it can influence the success of a web store. It can refer to the relationship between a vendor and a consumer referred to as dispositional trust as well as to transaction security (Prasad & Aryasri, 2009). Personal trust is easily developed in a brick and mortar environment and where consumers can make personal connections with the vendor. This scenario provides more security. On the other hand, in the virtual environment transaction security is a major concern for consumers. Providing personal information online, trusting and relying on the vendor with protecting one’s private data is a basis for future behavior toward a consumer’s willingness to buy online (Prasad & Aryasri, 2009).

Medium-enabling E-Commerce
In today’s environment, whether personal or professional, one can hardly imagine life without the Internet and tools that support the delivery of communication. One can learn, shop, and work through the worldwide web. The focus here is on E-tailing, which can occur through different communication vehicles or mediums, e-mail, cell phones, PDAs, instant messages, pagers, or faxes.

E-mail is one of the most popular medium and has an enormous effect on e-commerce. A staggering number of people in the Unites States have an e-mail account through which they communicate. Vendors use this medium to send advertisement and try to persuade their potential customers to purchase items from them. Vendors can purchase personal or business data files to...
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