Com470 Behaviors of E-Tailing

Topics: Electronic commerce, Customer service, Customer Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Behaviors of E-Tailing
Maximino Ruiz
University of Phoenix

Behaviors of E-Tailing
Technology changes the way companies do business throughout the globe. At one period in history when a technological change was introduced in an organization, it was a big deal because, unlike current advancements, the changes were not made so frequently. Every day, upgrades and new products are developed to make companies more efficient and productive. In the mid-1990s with the use of the Internet, companies realized that more people would be spending his or her hard-earned money online than ever before. They could also foresee that the number of people and dollars would increase through online sales from that point forward. E-tailing is the virtual storefront for companies that allow these organizations to sell their services and products online.

Several behaviors will be discuss that are associated with e-tailing. These particular behaviors each have a communication medium associated with how the business and customer interact with one another. In some circumstances the information is simply data for research purposes, but for an organization interested in making money, these mediums must enable e-commerce, or the exchange of money online for goods and services provided by a specific company. Product and service search is the first behavior that introduces e-tailing to the consumer. The phase of purchase and how the organization presents and sells its products is a determining factor in how successful a company can be over another. Partnership after the purchase in the final behavior associated with e-tailing. How an organization continues their relationship with its customers determines word of mouth advertising and repeat business.

The first behavior associated with e-tailing begins with the consumer. The desire to research a product or service entices people to sit in...
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