Organizational Psychology Paper

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Organizational Psychology

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September 20, 2010
Marianne Narick

Organizational Psychology

As organizations grow and expand globally, the growing number of business competitors who provide the same services becomes greater. Organizational psychologists are a benefit to organizational success, regardless of size. Organizational Psychologists can offer fresh ideas for improvement using various methods of study and research. One important step in understanding the people within an organization is to understand their behavior. How employees behave within an organization has an influence upon the lives of coworkers. Employees do not always consider the impact of decisions unless the result is beneficial or harmful to them, such as praise, or reprimand. The purpose for writing this paper is to define organizational psychology, explain the role that research and statistics play, and describe how organizational psychology can be used in organizations.

Definition of Organizational Psychology

“Organizational psychology is concerned with analyzing the external and internal system dynamics that maximize performance excellence of individual and work groups in an organization” (University of Phoenix, 2010, p. 1). Organizations psychology strives to achieve raised performance levels, enhance fairness and equality, improve processes and relationships, and increase employee well-being. Each organization has a policy that tells employees what is expected of them as well as a set of values that need to be honored. These policies establish a baseline for employees to become productive in the work environment. How an employee behaves can reflect on others in the work environment. If one person does not do his job, then others have to step in and help to finish the task at hand. An organization cannot become or remain successful if employees can do what they want without consequences. An organizational psychologist can observe an...
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