The Benefits of Organizational Psychology Within the Workplace

Topics: Psychology, Scientific method, Industrial and organizational psychology Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Organizational Psychology Paper
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Organizational Psychology Paper
Psychology is used each and every day by everyone daily in their lives. When individuals make decisions and process thoughts, psychology is being used. The behaviors and actions behind behavior is a part of psychology. Expressing feeling and teaching others from prior knowledge also can be looked at as psychology. In many organizations psychology is used to learn behaviors and mental thoughts of employees and to teach proper ethics and policies within an organization (Jex & Britt, 2008). This research will go in depth about what are organizational psychology and the importance behind it. This research will also discuss the field of organizational psychology, analyze how research and statistics play a major role in organizational psychology, and talk about how organizational psychology is mainly used in organizations today. In society, we as people hear about the positive behaviors of individuals in some organizations such as sports and the negatives of some individuals in organizations such as wrongful ethical practices through the media. As a normal activity, organizational psychology is a field of psychology in many organizations that is rarely dealt with and discussed (Jex & Britt, 2008). Organizational psychology is a form of science and methodology used to analyze behaviors and patterns of individuals who work in organizations (Jex & Britt, 2008). Organizations used this form of psychology for many reasons. It is used to better organizations as a whole in many ways. When organizational psychology is used, it is known to make organizations have high customer services, make more profits, and be more effective collectively (Jex & Britt, 2008). When these measures are enhanced, employee morale, behaviors, and performance are also enhanced. Through organizational psychology when positive behaviors are exercised, they can become a part of the...
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