Environmental Proposal: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

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  • Published : November 19, 2011
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Environmental Proposal: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

Team A

PSY 428

Keith B.

July 25, 2010

Environmental Proposal: Patton –Fuller Community Hospital

The business world views organizational psychology as the evaluation of individual behavior in the working environment. This methodology explains the effects of individual behavior on the atmosphere and productivity of an organization. In learning to understand organizational psychology, some key components are necessary that include leadership versus management, socialization, behavior, and organizational commitment. Power and influence are at the core of leadership and management. The manner in which staff and management interact plays a significant role in job satisfaction, productivity, and team effectiveness. Because the concept of leadership is described as influence and the ability to obtain things through other people it is important to understand the difference between leadership and management. Through examining management and leadership styles an organization can determine and reshape its organizational psychology.

Management vs. Leadership

There are many questions posed regarding the difference between management and leadership. The major difference between leaders and managers is the way in which they motivate people. Most people share both attributes, possessing jobs as managers, yet thriving as leaders after coming to the realization that money and fear will not win the hearts and minds of individuals willing to follow them into the trenches. Managers have subordinates and a position of authority vested in them by the organization whereas leaders have followers, and following is always a voluntary activity. Leaders tend to give up a level of control to gain influence by appealing to an individual’s inner desires and passions. The feelings of passion are often infectious and transferred from leaders to those around them inspiring and transforming the lives of individuals who become their followers.

Networking within Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has been greatly affected by the way, in which individuals communicate with one another. Correspondence between the key players of the hospital has provided information exposing multiple breakdowns in communication. This evaluation has clearly identified the leaders and managers in this organization. Fredric Adair, Chief Compliance Officer could be a leader, but he is a transactional manager. He is in a position of authority and, he is not afraid to use it. He has belittled other supervisors because he believes he is a better manager. However, he bases his belief on his education because he just graduated from law school.

Violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), proper needle disposal, and life-threatening incidents involving nurses have afflicted Patton-Fuller in recent years. A potential lawsuit may be brought against the hospital as a result of a nursing mishap that resulted in the death of a patient. Caterina Hossack, Chief Nursing Officer has proven to be a leader as she fights for her nurses. Her willingness to submit a proposal on their behalf to David Geach, Chief Executive Officer has shown that she is passionate about providing a more productive environment for her staff. Her e-mail to Zachary Hardie, Chief Financial Officer asked whether or not he would consider patient care, job satisfaction, and the nursing turnover rate in his financial report. Although the incidents within the nursing department were completely negligent and could have been avoided, the staff members involved were written up instead of being terminated. Caterina and her team of directors realized that the nurses’ performance had been stellar in the past, and this rash of incidents was more than likely a result of them being overworked.

Organizational Support

Networking has brought the leaders and...
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