Organizational Psychology: Implementation of Methods Developed to Achieve Goals

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Executive Summary


Executive Summary
The global market continues to change the focus of the goals and objectives set within the structure of organizations. The structure of an organization must be built on awareness of the quality and performance of competing business in order for the company to have long term success (Birr, 2008). The rise of the business’ success is depends on the goals being pursued and implementation of methods developed to achieve those goals.

Poor planning in the context of reaching goals often results in poor organizational performance. A solid understanding of organizational psychology is needed for the management to be more effective. Knowledge of organizational psychology within an organization’s management team helps in making managing the employee behavior. Knowledge or organizational psychology can also help keep the employees more motivated and boost the organization’s employee productivity level.

The following simulation addresses the hindering of structure progression that can be the result of a satisfaction imbalance of the workers. If the employees are having difficulties completing tasks efficiently and effectively it is important that they inform the management team of the situation. If management is not informed of the difficulties it can put the company at a high risk for being in a state of low productivity. The Situation

In this proposed situation a company named Airdevils Incorporated uses a number of innovative stunts that the business is based on. Airdevils Incorporated is a business that serves the marketing and film industries. This organization has a variety of aerial stunts that are highly regarded in the film and marketing industries. Airdevils Inc. has made some impressive accomplishments in the global market and now new prospective clients are becoming interested in the quality of the service the company offers. In the last two years financial periods...
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