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  • Published : August 2, 2012
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Learning Team C Weekly Reflection
A train that derails in a terrible accident is a good comparison for an organization that does not have a strategic plan in periods of catastrophic events. The problem is the train is completely off the original course after clearing the accident scene. A strategic plan with focus on long-term business objectives is important, especially in the event of a crisis. In this paper the subject is a discussion of this week’s objectives among Learning Team C. The discussion includes sustainability of long-term business operations, how global markets affect business strategy, and a long-term strategic management plan for sustainment of organizational performance. Further discussion includes how these topics apply in different fields. Sustainability of Long-term Business Operations

Most successful companies and corporations develop various business strategies and when implemented correctly, project them into long-term success. Sustaining a successful business has many challenges and adding the present economic downfalls, does not allow much room for errors and adjustments. These challenges not only exist in the United States but also have major impacts on the global business world. Managers need to stay on track with company goals and periodically record their progress. This is a crucial step in business that should be monitored closely in case changes are needed. Companies who maintain a sustainability program tend to anticipate product changes earlier and can react faster to declines in sales. One reason this happens is Chief Executive Officers (CEO) and their management teams are flexible and open for new improvements or changes to existing product lines. Ford Motor Company is an excellent example of a company not afraid to share vital sustainability information with the public. Ford’s strong mission statement is in line with producing and maintaining their quality products. Ford keeps track of commitments,...
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