Psy 435 Week 5 Team Assignmet

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 7 (2272 words) Published: May 14, 2012
Leadership and Performance
Angela Hood, Joyce Frink, Tandy Noonan, Jodie Bowes, Velinda Chandler, Lisa Sotiropoulos PSY 435
May 14, 2012
Henry Wallace

Leadership and Performance
Organizational and Industrial (I/O) psychology is used to improve different types of organizational functions. When tasks and employee relationships are not working properly within a company production and profit will be compromised. Some of the issues that I/O manages addresses include poor work habits and dysfunctional work relationships. The following will address group and team concepts that could be implemented to improve performance and diversity, leadership theories that can improve the relationship between management and floor workers, the influence and power of the management and how it affects the workplace, and the difference between leadership and management. Group and Team Concepts

In an effort to improve the relations between the factory workers and management staff organizational development should be implemented. Organizational development (OD) is a family of techniques designed to help organizations change for the better (Spector, 2008 p.2). The entire organization is involved in the assessment of the factory’s operation as it would entail re-organization, creating new departments, and allocating the functions of the workers. Before any change can be implemented the factory should utilize a successful change agent which would be responsible for over-seeing sessions between groups. One of the tasks of the change agent would be to create a desire among the factory workers to accept any changes. There are many concepts that may be utilized in order to bring about changes among the workers and management such as cohesiveness throughout the factory. Cohesiveness results in greater interaction between members, mutual help and social interaction, lower turnover and absenteeism, and often higher production (Mullins, L. J. 2005, p.1). Creating successful changes in the factory, management, and developing the skills of the workers will add to the cohesion. Management by objections (MBO), an internal management change is implemented in order to bring about ways to set the goals of the workers. The MBO attempts to make changes among the top management personnel in order to improve functioning, increase sales, and ensuring that each one knows what needs to be done, and with feedback of the results. Management training is vital to the concept since it will teach the managers ways to measure goals and how to apply them to their subordinates. Another concept is survey feedback, assessing the factory worker’s attitudes and opinions, and feeding the results back to the organization. This would present an opportunity for all variables to be assessed such as job conditions, job satisfaction, and the problems at work. Implementing team building focuses on the interpersonal issues among the factory workers such as communication, job tasks. Using the task oriented approach, the change agent allows the factory workers to improve their performance while learning how to effectively work together. Overall, teams are an effective since the work is done by assigned teams rather than the individual workers. Team building, and improved management skills can be a positive attribute to effective job performance and productivity. Leadership Styles

Leadership is influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization. To provide employees with a work setting that is satisfying to both the floor boss and employees. A great example of leadership skills is the Democratic or Participative style. In this specific style the employer is understanding and more willing to include employees’ decision and gives employees the opportunity to give suggestion. In a nutshell, the employer is working with his/her...
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