Ethics Paper

Topics: Enron, Jeffrey Skilling, Kenneth Lay Pages: 7 (2286 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Ethics Paper

Anthony Paul Torres

October 19th, 2012

On October 8th, “The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron” was watched. This movie was aired by CBS in January 2003 after the Enron Corporation went bankrupt on December 2nd of 2001. Enron was an American energy and services company established in Houston, Texas. Hence, this film narrates the rise and fall of this corporation. But, what is so important about Enron or watching this movie? Before Enron went bankrupt, it had approximately 20,000 employees and was one of the world’s leading natural gas, electricity, and communication companies exceeding $100 billion in revenues. With the fall of Enron, many companies and businesses were affected becoming a popular symbol, internationally, of corporate corruption and fraud. Thus, this scandal will allow us to analyze the organizational behavior from different perspectives with the purpose of learning and understanding the problems and causes from an ethical standpoint.

Identifies dilemma
First, the different events presented on the movie will be categorized in different segments for a better analysis of the problems encountered throughout the movie. The movie started by displaying de United States flag and by taking place in a really warm house party. From my perspective, this represents the American dream being displayed surrounded by big aspirations to succeed. Furthermore, the main character, Brian Cruver, is introduced in the party, as a little kid, while talking to one of his father’s friends. This friend, Mr. Blue, is introduced as a very successful man with a lot of experience in business and life by the way he talks and portrays himself in the movie. Then, Mr. Blue tells Brian that “this is America” and that you got to take what belongs to you. In this scene, Brian seemed to take into consideration what Mr. Blue said by displaying respect and admiration. Multiple years later, Brian seems to have made the right decisions by finishing college, and being offered an interview at Enron Corporation. This takes place in his apartment by sharing the good news with his fiancé while looking at the mail. At this time, Enron Corporation was at its prime, and was highly respected being named by Fortune “America’s Most Innovative Company”. Therefore, when Brian got the news that he was offered and interview, he was very proud and happy to have the opportunity to get an interview with Enron. The headquarters was pictured as a well-populated area surrounded by buildings and businesses. This scene is important because it shows that Enron Corporation was located in the heart of the city displaying its big success, power and influence. The next section of the movie takes place in Enron’s headquarters when Brian is heading toward his interview. As one of the leading companies in America, Enron displayed its success by owning a big building, elaborated security checkpoints, high technology, spacious rooms, etc. Brian was very excited about his interview, admiring the outstanding elaborate design of the building and its surroundings. In addition, he seemed to have all his aspirations and thoughts fulfilled by the pompous introduction of Enron. One of the key factors of this part of the movie was that Enron made it seem as if anything was possible while working in this corporation by introducing both corporate executives: Jeff Skilling and Kenneth Lay. The idea of just working with the “big bosses” blew Brian’s mind. Brian’s expectations were exceeded until he found out that he was hired by mistake, and that most of his co-workers didn’t accept him as part of the group. In this part, we could indicate that the type of withdrawal behavior Brian displayed is referred to as loyalty. Jason Colquitt, Jeffery Lepine and Michael Wesson, authors of the book ”Organizational Behavior”, define loyalty as a “passive, constructive response that maintains public support for the situation while the individual privately...
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