Organizational Behavior: Managing Diversity

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BA 402D: Organizational Behavior Final Assignment
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Organizational Behavior
Managing Diversity
Francis P. Remengesau

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Organizational Behavior
III. What is OB?
IV. Cultural Diversity
V. Managing Diversity
VI. Conclusion
VII. Bibliography/Further Readings
VIII. End Notes

The term paper will address organizational behavior in a context of “Managing Diversity” within an organization and work force in general. Some examples were derived from Delkuu Management Company (“DMC”) which I created in 2007 and Pacific Savings Bank, Ltd., which I am currently managing its liquidation under the Creditors’ Trust for PSB through the Supreme Court of Republic of Palau. The basis of information formed in this term paper is from my research on the subject, observations, experience, and insight into the operations of DMC along with other resources and references, which I relied upon to explain and discuss Organizational Behavior: Managing Diversity. There will be visible instances that some details would be omitted, such as real names of people involved due to pending court cases; however, the message, lessons, and quality of information’s intact. It is necessary to understand the geographical area in order to understand better the information presented in this paper. Briefly, the Republic of Palau (Palau) is a one hundred seventy seven square mile island in the North Pacific Ocean with nearly twenty one thousand inhabitants. There are about two hundred fifty islands that make up Palau. It is part of the Micronesian island groups that comprise the western chain of the Caroline Islands. The intent of my research and discussion about the Organizational Behavior and Managing Diversity is simplifying the reader’s understanding of it. The topics are one of the complex and involutes perplex, which I think its evolution will never end as long as humanity exists.

Organizational Behavior (OB)
The term organizational behavior contains two words that we need to know what they represent in order to view OB as a subject matter. Based on Wikipedia, Organization “is a social group which distributes tasks for a collective goal.” There are many types of organizations throughout the world: legal types of organization include universities, corporations, partnerships, government, nongovernment, not-for-profit, charities, international organizations, and armed forces, just to name a few. Another legal framework is Hybrid Organization, which dually operate in duties and developing commercial market activities. In the social sciences, organizations are the subject of research for a number of disciplines, such as sociology, economics, political science, psychology, management, and organizational communication. The broader study of organizations commonly referred to as organizational structure, organizational studies, organizational behavior, or organization analysis. A number of different perspectives exist, some of which are compatible: * From a process-related perspective, an organization is viewed as an entity is being (re-)organized, and the focus is on the organization as a set of tasks or actions. * From a functional perspective, the focus is on how entities like businesses or state authorities are used. * From an institutional perspective, an organization is viewed as a purposeful structure within a social context.

The definition of behavior derived from Wikipedia is the mannerism or range of actions made by systems, organism, within or in conjunction with their environment. It does include other systems or organism around as well as the physical environment. It is the response of the system or organism to various stimuli or inputs, whether internal or external, conscious or unconscious, overt or covert, and voluntary or involuntary. As part of a living organism in...
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