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  • Published : November 27, 2010
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ABC Corporation MEMO


MGT 308/ Managing Diversity

Harlen Williams, Jr.

July 13, 2010

ABC Corporation Memo

ABC Corporation strives to implement a multicultural corporation. Our corporation requires a workforce appreciative and helpful to individuals with ability, dedication and commitment for the advancement of the corporation. Achievement requires obtaining and keeping the most skilled individuals in the workforce – the most skillful and the most dedicated, despite other demographic traits – and directing that skill and dedication toward the mission and goals of ABC Corporation.

Cultural Inclusion

Management understands the effectiveness and importance to create diversity. Preparation and understanding will be vital components to create carefully a corporation awareness based on differences in cultures in the workforce. Although this is an important part, it is not sufficient. Cultural Inclusion, emphases on how to create and maintain the most talented of all cultures so that the corporation will have the greatest problem-solving, resourceful, advance, tactical, and outstanding implementation team, in efforts to establish a corporation that will be successful. Cultural Inclusion is inherently relates to strategic planning, production, goal setting, and team building. The objective is to apply all skills to build an efficient and successful organization.

ABC Corporation describes cultural inclusion as a setting that provides equity of opportunity to unify all individuals to encounter respective accomplishment and participate to the corporation accomplishment. Even though several corporations have made substantial development concerning diversity and inclusion, little attention has been on the need for cultural change in the workforce. The advantages of implementing diversity and inclusion are cost effectiveness, rapid cultural change, team building for the internal and external business of ABC...
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