Diversity Case Study : Target Corporation

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Case Study I:
Target Corporation

Executive Summary
Diversity at Target, like everywhere, is a work in progress. Target is ahead of the national average in terms of minority hiring. Additionally, the company has a higher percentage of minorities in management positions than the industry average. “The Strength of Many. The Power of One,” is Target’s tagline for diversity. It is realized that we need many points of view all working towards the common goal in order to be successful. The goals set forward in this plan are: to increase diverse hire mix by 30% over last year; improve retention rate by 30% over last year; and to develop high potential diverse talent in the ST. Louis market. This can be done through a number of steps designed to increase the level of talent at Target both internally and externally. The areas of recruiting, retention, and development are all looked at as areas where a solution is possible. The recommendation is that steps be implemented in all three categories to work together to help the company move forward

Diversity is a necessary business aspect needed for any company to succeed. In a global marketplace, a company that employs a diverse workforce, both men and women, people of many generations, people from ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds, etc. is better able to understand the demographics of the marketplace it serves and better equipped to thrive in that marketplace than a company that has a more limited range of employee demographics. Additionally, a company that supports the diversity of its workforce can also improve employee satisfaction, productivity and retention. Inclusion, relates to how an organization utilizes its various relevant diversities. If a workforce is diverse, but the employer takes little or no advantage of that breadth of that experience, then it cannot monetize whatever benefits background diversity might offer Overall Goal

To increase diverse talent in the St. Louis market by focusing on recruiting, development, and retention of the team. History
Opening their first store in 1962 in Roseville, Minnesota, the Target Corporation has grown into one of America’s largest companies. Employing over 350,000 people at approximately 1500 stores in 47 states, Target has set high expectations dealing with the diversity of their company and the issues that accompany it in their workplace (Target Corporation).

“The Strength of Many. The Power of One,” (Target Corporation). This is the philosophy implemented by members of the Target Corporation. That phrase represents the company’s values pertaining to the importance of being committed to diversity in their workforce. Target’s statement about diversity illustrates the “power of individual uniqueness and the strength created when teams leverage those unique capabilities and experiences.” (Target Corporation). Target’s goal is to incorporate diversity into every facet of their business. Bob Ulrich, chairman and former CEO at Target, sends the message of, “Our ability to offer our guests an exceptional shopping experience depends on team members who understand the diverse communities we serve.” Diversity is a part of their company’s culture. Whether it is their team members interacting with customers, each other, or the community, they strive to make sure that diversity is integrated into every Target experience (Target Corporation). Target believes that what makes them a unique corporation is the “diverse individuality of our team members,” (Target Corporation). Hiring a diverse group of team members is the initial step Target takes in ensuring they achieve their commitment to diversity. Their goal is to make sure that the diversity of their employees mirror the diversity found in the communities in which they are located (J. Kramarczyk, personal communication, March 10, 2009). Target strives to include diversity in...
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