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Topics: Management, Virgin Group, Richard Branson Pages: 4 (1215 words) Published: March 19, 2013
1. Describe the culture of Virgin group by seven dimensions of organization culture? Every company and organization whatever government or non-government are having their unique organization culture. So what is organization culture? ‘Organization culture has been described as the shared values, principles, traditions, and ways of doing things that influence the way organizational members act, and there are seven dimensions – attention to detail, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness, stability and innovation and risk taking.’ (Robbins, and Coulter, P80) These cultures accumulate through a long period of time, and it bases on the background of the company, the values of the founders, the action of the top managers and other factors. The difference of each company’s organization culture is depending on the extent of these seven dimensions and how many dimensions they have used.

In this article, we can see cleverly that the Virgin Group have five dimensions of organization culture, respectively are people orientation, team orientation aggressiveness, innovation and risk taking and attention to detail.

Firstly, ‘People orientation is the degree to which management decisions take into account the effects on people in the organization.’ (Robbins, and Coulter, P80) Richard Branson, the chairman of Virgin group, emphasizes that ‘good people are crucial to business success’ in paragraph one and ‘people are company’s key assets’ in paragraph four in the article of ‘People power – the Engine of Any Business’. It shows that the top manager of Virgin Group attaches importance to their employees and people orientation is the most important point of Virgin group’s organizational culture. Moreover, Richard Branson trust that ‘everyone messes up sometimes’ then he was willing to give a second chance to his employee who stole and sold boxes of records to secondhand shop, and he even had holed an expectation on him. Because...
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