Career Development

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Final Examination
Career Development in Organization

NAME: Jircy Marie G. Reyes Dr. Catalino N. Mendoza MBM - BA March 16, 2013

Career development involves managing your career either within or between organizations. It also includes learning new skills, and making improvements to help you in your career. Career development is an ongoing, lifelong process to help you learn and achieve more in your career. Whether you are looking at making a career change, or moving up within a company, planning your own career development will help you succeed. By creating a personal career development plan, you can set goals and objectives for your own personal career growth. Don't make the mistake of leaving your career development future in the hands of your employer, hoping that you will get the next promotion or pay raise. This misconception can lead to job dissatisfaction and resentment. You may have already experienced this...

You work for so long for a company, hoping that your hard work and efforts will be rewarded. After a while, you're burned out, and you become disappointed and jaded, not understanding why you can't seem to get ahead. While many employers do have career development programs in place, there is no guarantee that your dream position will be open when you're ready, or that all your efforts will finally be rewarded. Just realizing that you need to take control of your own career future is the first step to career growth and job satisfaction. The following are some questions about career development:

1. Describe the term career development in Organization.

People are the sources of all productive effort in organizations. Organizational effectiveness depends on the performance of people working in organizations. Better people achieve better results. Every organization should acquire and retain skilled, competent, and motivated employees, because the full potential of human resources needs to be achieved for the growth of the organization. For the purpose of retaining skilled employees, management should assist individuals to plan their careers with realistic information about career opportunities that exist within a particular organization. The tremendous growth of organizations in recent times due to technological improvements and tough competition in global market necessitates the organizations not only to select the right type of staffs, but also to retain them in the organizations. The dynamic and growth oriented employees should be allowed to grow through career development programs because the high turnover of such potential staff leads to great loss in terms of cost, quality and productivity.

2. Using your knowledge of the stages of life and career development, explain how the career issues of a twenty-seven-year-old differ from those of a forty-five-year-old. What are the organizational implications of the issues you identified?

The age twenty seven is in the stage called establishment stage where in some people have found their suitable jobs and these helped them have long and settled standings in their career lines but there are still many people considering that this stage is only a trial period to continually test their skills and incentives for advancement in career. Once a person moves into the establishment stage, they need to be able to develop more advanced skills and gain higher levels of knowledge in their field. This development needs to be targeted towards their career goals and towards the achievement of the

organization’s objectives. The emphasis is on 'putting runs on the board' in terms of achieving objectives and the development of desirable skills and knowledge. Career development strategies at this stage will probably include such things as:

• leadership workshops;
• project management workshops; and...
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