Career Management Week 4 Hrm 531

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Career Management Plan
HRM 531/ Human Capital Management

Career Management Plan
Introduction The Career management plan begins with the employee themselves. They are the key to their own success. ‘A career is not something that should be left to chance; instead, in the evolving world of work it should be shaped and managed more by the individual than by the organization.” (Grove, 1999). While it is important for the employee to manage their own career it is equally important for their managers to develop a career management plan to guide them within the organization. The employee may take this information and either develop from it or become stagnant. This paper will discuss different aspects of Career Management such as: feedback, how a manager will help employees reach higher levels of performance, opportunities for advancement to increase skills, flexible opportunities for dual-career parents, adaptation to team diversity and a justification of every member’s career and how they will be handled along with the expected benefits and types of costs. Analysis


Developmental feedback should be given to each employee by their manager or supervisor. Feedback is defined as, “An employee performance appraisal is a process—often combining both written and oral elements—whereby management evaluates and provides feedback on employee job performance, including steps to improve or redirect activities as needed.” (Cascio, 2006, p 327). Feedback may be both positive and negative. Both should be presented to the employee. If negative feedback is offered the manager should be cautious and sensitive on the presentation of the material. There are different kinds of feedback that should be offered to the employee. The different periods that feedback may be offered in are; after thirty days of starting in the position, immediately as needed in a situation or regularly scheduled. New Employee

Each new employee will be evaluated 30 days after their first day of working in the position. This feedback will allow the employee to see how they are performing to the job description of the position. It will also give the manager the information on how the employee is performing to the expectations of the position. If redirecting and review needs to take place, this is an important time in the career path of the employee. This sets the foundation for good employee habits. Immediate Feedback

In a heightened situation a review and feedback should be done in a timely fashion or immediately as the situation requires. This allows the employee to redirect if necessary and build good work habits. While feedback cannot always be managed so quickly, this is the optimal solution. Immediate feedback should be in the manner of oral and written communication. The supervisor should counsel the employee and speak to the employee with immediate feedback, then follow up with written communication. The employee should then have the ability to respond to the supervisor in writing within thirty days. Scheduled feedback

Feedback will be given to the employee on a scheduled basis. A review will be done both semi-annually and annually. The format for the semi-annual and annual appraisals will be the same. The goal of each manager will be to provide the employee important information on their performance. The appraisal will be non – biased and informational. The employee should be rated on their individual strengths, including: the quality of their work, knowledge of the job, communication between other members of the organization, work habits, job knowledge and the behaviors and relations with others. The feedback from the appraisal should show how the employee can improve their performance and the tools and resources they have available to improve their performance.

After the feedback is presented to the employee in oral and written format, the employee will have thirty days to respond to...
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