Ethical Issues in Management Paper

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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Ethical Issues in Management Paper
Performance Evaluations

A performance evaluation is just one of many names of an employee progress report; other common names are employee appraisal, performance appraisal, and performance review, just to name a few. A performance evaluation is an assessment of an individual’s job performance which is conducted by the supervisor. An evaluation is an important tool in the career development of an employee. An employee is evaluated on quality of work, quantity of work, cost effectiveness, and time working at current position. All of these points are needed to accurately compare the worth of an employee to his or her peers. Every employee has an evaluation conducted on them, even military members (Air Force to be exact). In the AF there are three types of evaluations used; a performance feedback, an enlisted performance report (EPR) and an officer performance report (OPR). Every employee is ranked amongst his or her peers when these evaluations are conducted. The paragraphs to follow will explain the military aspects of the performance evaluations. Moral and Ethical Issues

Every evaluation conducted is done with the organization and supervisors expectations in mind. The initial performance feedback is done when an employee is first assigned a supervisor. The supervisor will put in writing all of the organizations expectations along with their own. The supervisor will then discusses and questions or concerns with the new employee. The initial feedback will then be signed by both the employee and supervisor as proof the initial feedback was conducted and the new employee understood all expectations. This type of evaluation leaves little room for error. The regular performance feedback is conducted whenever the employee asks or the supervisor feels it is necessary, but at least on a bi-annual basis. The performance feedback allows the employee to know how their work standards and ethics are at all...