Mgt 431 Week 3 Individual Paper Five Year Career Development

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Five year career development Plan
University of Phoenix
Human Resources Management
January 09, 2011

The purpose of a career development plan is to have a reference to inspire toward self development and career growth. This is a career plan that can be updated as many times as needed during the time period set out. The objective in a career plan is to create a self assessment with a plan to accomplish the goal. In this paper the reading uncovers the strategy to achieve a rewarding career plan with the steps useful in achieving a career development plan useful despite any contradictions, or suggestions of how career plans are not beneficial. A career development plan is an individual lens, a view of self. Every organization offers a mission statement, which lists its long term plan. A career development plans gives an individual the same opportunity.

Five year career development Plan

A career development plan can be done at any time during an individual’s career. Developing a five year career plan is an acceptable time frame because a year can pass extremely fast when trying to accomplish any goal. When looking at a five year career plan the first recommendation is for an individual to create a self assessment, find desires and passions, along with the amount of compensation. If this is a struggle because compensation is unknown, put research into this by visiting different websites, or speaking with individuals working in the field.

The five year career development plan will give understanding of how lucrative the career choice made is in the present, and the future. Research the demand and how this trend margin managed during a problem economy. Know the value of the position, make sure the compensation in this position is the income desired to sustain a household. By checking the entrance level and the top level salary ranges will also give an individual the general knowledge of what to ask for during...
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