The Functions of Assessment in Learning and Development.

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  • Published : August 19, 2012
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The functions of assessment in learning and development.

Learning and development are interconnected. The candidate needs to be informed what one is supposed to learn, how well one is on track during learning and how one may improve. This learning (or training) is focused and evaluated against the job one is currently hold.

Education can be provided to the candidate to equip him/her with qualifications for future promotion or redeployment. Development focuses upon the activities that the company employing the candidate to perform currently or to take part in future. Career development is necessary for the retention of any employees no matter what their level in the company. Some type of career path is necessary for job satisfaction and resulting in job retention.

If a training session has been delivered and no assessment has been carried out, how can one be sure that learning has taken place? If a manager or assessor has to work out a candidate’s level of skill in a particular area, how can one know whether the candidate’s skill level is poor, moderate or exceptional without assessment?

Assessment also plays a crucial role in the education process as it determines much of the work the candidate was undertaken and the approach of learning. It helps set targets for learning and development. It also helps to motivate candidates to develop their skills and practice, by maintaining and updating the assessment records, the assessor can produce accurate and timely information on the candidate progress such as through monthly reports. The assessor has to give feedback to ensure the candidate is supported and encouraged, plus tools are given to help candidate to achieve the best of one’s potential. The specific and timely feedback by the assessor helps the candidate to demonstrate his / her understanding and development of skills. This also helps the candidate to prove his /her competence.

The other purpose of assessment is to help modify and refine the...