Analyse the Structure of Sony in 1999 and the Restructuring In2003

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The different in organization cultures are mainly related to the practices between companies, while the national culture are associated with the values that held deeply and difficult to change. Employees can adapt themselves to the organization culture and they can follow the leaders in an organization. However, if conflicts occurred between their national cultural values and the organizational culture, the organizational culture would be undermined. There are many viewpoints which will be the most important to the organization structure. In this case, The quotation below is given by Morgan Gareth which present the strongest reason that explain as follow;

“One of the major strengths of the culture metaphor rests in the fact that it directs attention to the symbolic...significance of even the most rational parts of organizational life” (Morgan G. 1986)

In my point of view, as the quote that mentioned the organizational culture could be a significant fact which assists an organization stronger and it appears that most of the successful organization always has strong culture. In these situation, the culture act like a soft rules. The company does not necessary to use any formal rules because having the strong or the same cultures are much more sustainable than rules. For example, many companies give their priorities in recruiting process by select the right person who have the appropriate characteristics that fit to the company culture. This is because the people who have the same culture will have the same direction of thought and working process. As a result, the cooperation will flow throughout the organization and bring the prosperous to the company. In my point of view, due to there are many companies which are selling the same kind of productivities and people comes from different part of the world who have distinct background so the organization have created the symbol which can show the unique of...
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