Non Verbal Communication

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Non-verbal communication
Non-verbal communication is a behaviour, other than spoken or written communication which creates and represent information and meaning equal to that of spoken and written communication. These non-verbal meaning are produced by various movements of our bodies. Linguists claim that it is these movements which say a lot about our feelings and attitude towards others. This communication mainly involves talking without saying a word but by our body movements. In our African culture we have been quite aware of this phenomenon as we most generally say to each other “Your actions speak louder than words.” whenever they are posing with their bodies to indicate mood, feeling or intent. In the classroom experience we could take note of this communication when a girl student comes in mincing with a sneaky-positioned face in the classroom to indicate her lack of interest in the lesson and possibly to show the teacher who will be carrying the lesson a lack of interest towards the teacher’s lesson. There are three different signs of Non-verbal Communication and in this writing I will focus mainly on all three: (1) Body language (2) Paralanguage (3) Dress 1. Body language

This type of non-verbal communication tells us about an individual’s attitude, feelings and intent through the use of the body. This plays a very important part in communication as it shows the attitude and intent of the person involved in communication. There are five different spheres (Gesture, Expression, Body posture, Body and space, and Touch) which make up Body language. I will only discuss four of them. 2.1 Gesture

This mainly involves the movement of arms and hands to carry meaning. The traffic cop is quite good at this as they are mostly recorded on traffic roads pulling cars over using only their arms and hands to indicate to motorist whether to continue driving or stop.

2.2 Expression
This involves mainly the use of facial expression as a part of...
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