The Way We Communicate Other Than Using Words.

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Facial expression, Communication Pages: 4 (1462 words) Published: April 27, 2013
The Way We Communicate Other Than Using Words.

Nonverbal communication is part of our everyday life. Body language is a comprehension and communication tool via physical movements and changes that show a person's feelings, thoughts, and attitudes about other persons and things (Benzer N.P.). In order to determine the meaning of a nonverbal message one must first understand the sender’s personal frame of reference and cultural background, as well as the specific situation. To communicate well it requires great skills. Base on my experience in my job I had to relate some type of information to either my co-supervisors or the people who work for me. Most jobs today require one to have the skills necessary to communicate effectively with others. Nonverbal communication is the process of communicating through sending and receiving wordless messages between people. Although there are numerous elements of nonverbal communication, our personal appearance, facial expressions, body movement, touch, use of voice and even how we communicate with distance and personal space are the main terms that define nonverbal communication.

Personal appearance also communicates nonverbal messages. “In fact, people use your clothing and appearance to determine your status, credibility and persuasiveness (Hamilton 130). Initial impression is based on appearance, therefore the type of clothing that one chooses to wear for an interview or a meeting will potentially decide how that person is judged. The way a person groom and dresses is generally instrumental to how much control that person has when other people forming opinions about them. It's obvious that care and attention should be given to how someone looks in order to make the best impression. If personal appearance is appropriate and well put together, the interviewee will instantly gain credibility as a person who cares about making a good impression, has respect for the company and the interview process. In” A survey of...
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