Communication , a Key Concept in Nursing Practice

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Communication a Key Concept in Nursing Practice

Communication is a process that occurs within physical and social contexts regularly. Whitehead et al (2008. pg. 63) .The aim of this essay is to discuss Communication as a concept of Professional Nursing Practice. Presently, communication is an area of benchmark the government is focusing on to improve the quality of nursing care. The Department of Health [DH] [2001] explained that communication comprises of a number of skills used to promote professional practice. These skills will be identified and used appropriately to promote the health of the patients. The writer will use some of these communication skills to demonstrate the impact on the care nurses provide in line with the NMC standard and good record keeping will be discussed as a factor that is essential in effective communication practice. Also, the concept of communication in collaborative work and how it influences the works of nurses through verbal and non-verbal means of expressions in building therapeutic relationship by active listening, respect and assertiveness will be looked into as well as the barriers of communication in nursing practice. Finally, the writer will draw a conclusion at the end of the essay based on his findings. Communication is the transmission of information from a sender through a channel to a receiver, it can either be verbal or non-verbal means of communication. Oxford press (2008). According to (Hargie et al 2004) .Verbal communication includes words, sequences and structures that are combined together to form speech. E.g. action words and tone of voice. Non-verbal communication involves the use of sign and no words being used to pass on is mostly based on the other party’s judgement and conclusion. Most of our daily reactions to different situations through body language, facial expression, posture, touch and dress are based on non-verbal communication (Porritt 1994). Good communication in nursing practice involves being prepared, maintaining eye contact ,saying the right thing with the right information, being able to answer questions from patients, observing patient’s body language, practicing active, avoiding the use of medical jargon an so on. The government initiative for sharing and comparing practices in other to enables nurses to know best practice or develop new action plans for practice can only be carried out through effective communication.(Nursing times 2007).When using verbal words , nurses should avoid the use of medical jargon especially when breaking bad news. They should be honest and compassionate, find the right environment and be prepared emotionally to deal with patient. Good communication with appropriate interpersonal skills is useful in delivering quality care, because it can be used to build therapeutic relationship.Patient and nurses’ relationship can only be built through communication and this can be built by the first impression made during contact with clients. Respect is a vital tool that can help promote effective communication. Respect is said to be the communication of acceptance to the client’s ideas, feelings and experience (Riley, 2008). Nurses should acknowledge patients as individuals, they should be valued and shown respect in terms of their religion, opinions, feelings and expressions towards their care and how they want to be addressed. They should be constantly involved in carrying out their care plan and throughout the assessment stages.

Clients have the right to receive correct information regarding their health (National Institute of Clinical Excellence [NICE] 2003). A person centred plan is created to involve clients in decision making that affect them in relation to their health. This approach should be used to assess patient with their full involvement and encouragement. Where necessary, consent should be sought from the appropriate person in the situation where the patient is not in the right capacity...
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