Reflective Assignment

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Reflective assignment

This essay is a reflective account on my experience within the introductory period of my practice when caring for a patient. The essay will give the definition of reflection. This reflective essay will help me demonstrate how my experience in practice has helped me achieve one of the learning outcomes in my learning plan, (appendix 1). Driscoll (2000) will be used as a reflective model. The essay will explore what (description of events) so what (analysis) and now what (action plan). This essay is going to reflect on the importance of good communication with patients.

Names in this essay have been changed, to respect the confidentiality of the patient and other healthcare professionals (NMC 2008). Reflection is ‘reviewing experience from practice so that it may be described, analysed, evaluated and consequently used to inform and change future practice’ (Bulman and Schutz, 2008: page 6). I was placed in an acute admissions ward at a Mental hospital. The ward is an admission ward for assessment and it admits all patients between 16-65 years for psychiatric treatment.

What happened was one morning in this ward a male patient, Joe was brought in by the police, detained under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act 1983. I was assigned to admit the patient; NMC 2010a states that it is a requirement of nurses to have up-to-date and accurate records of patients. When my mentor Sarah, asked me to admit the patient, I agreed to do the admission process even though I felt I was not confident to do it, I had only observed Sarah admit a patient once. I felt I would be deemed incompetent if I turned down the opportunity to admit this patient even though I was not really confident in doing so I did not want to allow anything to work against me on this placement.

I went to Joe and attempted to inform him that I was to take him through the admission process as well as to check his baseline observations. He looked at me and as if taking no notice of what I had just said started talking about how his wife betrayed him, he went on and on talking about his wife. I repeated myself but he kept on talking about his wife. In my head I thought he was just being difficult and it was time for me to check the observations of other patients. I repeated myself again telling him what I intended to do and this time Joe jumped from his sit and came very close to my face. Whilst standing very close to my personal space he shouted loudly saying “I am not going to talk to you monkeys until I speak with my GP and my Lawyer”, he then pushed me to the side and he walked off.

In a state of shock I went back to Sarah and explained everything that had happened. This incident left me feeling confused and incompetent; I blamed myself for failing to perform what appeared like a simple task that my mentor had asked of me. Sarah sat down with me and explained to me that the patient was well known having been admitted on the ward several times before and is familiar to most of the staff. She thought Joe was behaving in such a way because I was new to him and also the fear of just being in a hospital away from his family contributed to his presentation. According to Chapman and Kimberly B. (2009) most patients experience the stress of being hospitalized and good communication has been identified as one of the tactics which will relieve them.

Sarah took me with her to Joe, she wanted me to observe how closely she communicated with him and made him to relax. When we approached him he pointed at me and asked, ‘who is she?’ Sarah introduced me to Joe then she asked him to come to a separate room with us. Surprisingly to me Joe did not refuse, Sarah spoke with him in an assertive but calm manner, she stated to him the importance of having his physical observations checked, this was to ensure that Joe understood the procedure for him to be able to give us his consent (NMC 2008). Joe was very co-operative and the admission...
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