Nursing Theory in Practice

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Nursing Theory In Practice
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR 501: Theoretical Basis of Advance Practice
September 25, 2011

Imogene King was the developer of both a Conceptual Framework and a Goal Attainment theory. The Goal Attainment theory is a middle-range theory that originated from the Conceptual System. The primary concepts of Goal Attainment theory are perception, communication, interaction, self role, grow and development, stress, and time and space (Frey, Sieloff & Norris, 2002). The main point of Goal Attainment theory is that the nurse and the patient work together to define and reach goals that they set together (Killeen & King, 2007). This process is done mostly through communication, which is one of the key concepts of Goal Attainment theory. Communication between the nurse and the patient can be verbal or nonverbal and is the vehicle by which human relations are developed and maintained (Williams, 2001). Communication involving the exchange of information between two people provides significant connection to achieving mutual goals. This paper will explores how King’s concept of communication in Goal Attainment theory supplies a fundamental interaction process that facilitates ordered function in the delivery of quality direct patient care. Concept Applied To Nursing Practice

The use of communication concept in nursing is important in providing therapeutic patient care. Hamilton (2007) states “nurses can facilitate successful and therapeutic patient contact through questioning, listening, summarizing, reflecting, paraphrasing, set induction and closure”. Descriptions of how communication concepts are applied in the nursing practice through interaction with the patient, establishing the intention of the interaction, deciding on interventions to be used, assessing the impact of the interventions and evaluating the implication of the subsequent information obtained and then act accordingly (Hamilton, 2007)....
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