Mutira Penang

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1. Describe how you think Wernie will

(a) make sure that the way he manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business; (10 marks)

Wernie emphasize on quality of service, it must be impeccable. The hotel tries to anticipate guests’ needs in a number of ways. Also, Penang Mutiara provides fast response to customers’ requests as time is precious and all of the customers do not like to waste time on waiting. Likewise, Wernie regards dependability as a fundamental principle of a well-managed hotel. For example, It is on the grand occasions, however, when dependability is particularly important in the hotel. When staging a banquet, for example, everything has to be on time. Drinks, food, entertainment have to be available exactly as planned. Any deviation from plan will very soon be noticed by customers. It would easily spoil customers’ impression to the hotel. Furthermore, Flexibility means a number of things to the hotel. First of all it means that they should be able to meet a guest’s requests, no matter what customers’ request, hotel will try their best efforts to get it for customers. It is impeccable customer service which gives the hotel competitive advantage, not price. Good service means that hotel guest return again and again. The more guest hotel has, the higher is the utilization of rooms and restaurants, and this is what really keeps cost per guest down and profitability reasonable. So in the end, it is the quality of the service which keeps the volumes high and the costs low. I believe with the best service to customers, is the best way to competes for business.

(b) implement any change in strategy; (10 marks)

To implement any change in strategy in order to expand Penang Mutiara, Wernie should have an agreement or associate with other business such as tour companies, theme park or clubs (eg. Golf club, car club, or diving club), to provide complete set of hotel industry such as gathering tour, amusement, business exploit, or relaxation. For examples, provide complete foundational services such as transporting line services and wireless internet. Also, to diversifying its services to satisfy different demands of customers, such as offering difference holiday travelling packages, seasoning conference market different packages or diversified types of foods. In addition, hotel can develop automatic system to offer, services and payment. Once hotel is successfully expanded, hotel can alliance with other hotels in other areas to gain more profits.

(c) develop his operation so that it drives the long-term strategy of the hotel. (10 marks)

To develop hotel operation so that it drives the long-term strategy of the hotel, Wernie’s should expand its business to other areas to gain more market shares in order to compete with other strong competitors in all over the world. On the other hand, hotel should offer a more differentiation, high standard quality and characteristic hotel services and comfortable environment for customers. In addition, hotel should target those who are high income and high consuming individuals, and the high class business and political unions or organizations, hence hotels should pitch itself as an “up-market” end hotel business. To target on this organization it because they are more ‘faithful’, and more highly expenses organization compared to youngsters. It helps hotel to generate more return sales. Also, building and developing hotel website which including introduction of hotel services, map, resources and promotion information, booking online, requirement and feedback of customer, online payment can helps hotel to build a strong image as well as to drives hotel to a long-term business. Furthermore, continuous improvement for whole operation helps to match the market requirements in operations decisions and long-terms...
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