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The Problem and Its Background

Hospitality Industry is broad and diverse; organizations within it share some things in common. One is the need for staff members with a variety of knowledge, skills and experience to produce the products and services that are needed or desired by consumers. Each job has specific requirements. Anyone who is capable of meeting those requirements become effective in job performance. These requirements are in the form of various technical and behavioural skills, and hotels around the world are struggling to attract and retain qualified workers as skilful workers are essential to provide good quality services to customers, hotels with higher ranking should provide better services than lower ranking hotels, the classification system is related to the price and also the quality but no matter what star-ranking a hotel is, the customers still expect the very basic quality services from it. Background of the Study

Upon joining the managerial ranks of an organization, aspiring manager must possess certain skills that will enable them to perform their tasks successfully. In many ways, the skills that managers possess in the organization are the most valued resources of the organization. Poor managerial skills can defeat the most successful activities and in many cases can lead to the demise of the organization. Robert L. Katz suggests that three important managerial skills that must be cultivated and enhanced by the organization are technical, human, and conceptual. The degree of development a manager has in each of these three skills will have a strong impact not only upon the success of the organization but also upon the career success of the manager. Therefore, for those students who aspire to be managers need to know or at least be aware in the required skills for them to be effective in their desired position in the industry. Setting of the Study

Figure 1.1
The study will take place at Arellano University Jose Abad Santos Campus wherein respondents are the students of the said University. It is located along Taft Avenue and is accessible through LRT1 Gil Puyat Station.

Theoretical Framework
According to Paul R. Dittmer, author of the Dimension of the Hospitality Industry, 8th Edition Management personnel in the hospitality industry were rarely college educated. Those interested in hospitality management typically began theircareers by taking lower level jobs to learn about the industry and eventually worked their way up through the organization.

It is possible to begin a career in hospitality without formal education in the industry such opportunities are diminishing each year. Today, people starting careers in hospitality management are more and more likely to have some formal education obtained in one of the post secondary programs developed over the last 75 years to prepare men and women for hospitality careers. Whether they have earned certificates, diplomas, or degrees at the associates, baccalaureate or graduate level, growing number of hospitality managers and management trainees have studied formally to prepare for their chosen careers.

It is important to note that starting position is not typically filled solely on the basis of education background. Experience in the field is still an important consideration to many employers, and many students find that good work experience gained while attending classes in instrumental in their finding jobs after graduation. In many instances, those in the industry insist that graduates gained real work experience in conjunction with education and most hospitality management students today should seek part time employment during the academic year or full time employment in the summer. Potential consumer is typically more inclined to offer good starting jobs to students with valid more experience. Conceptual Framework

Having a higher attainment of Education

Implementing an effective
Human Skills...
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