Ch 2 Annual Report Target

Topics: Balance sheet, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Income statement Pages: 4 (1227 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Chapter 2 - Annual Report structure
Financial Highlights
Chapter 2: Financial Highlights – Question 1 Review the financial highlights of your company’s annual report to the shareholders. Identify net sales or revenues, net income, basic earnings per share (BEPS), and total assets for the current and preceding years. These are the most common values included in financial highlights. If your company reports something different, simply cross out an item here and recap what is reported. SEC Form 10-K does not provide financial highlights. You may find this information on the company website. If not available put N/A in the first row of boxes.| Categories| Current Year| One Year Prior| Two Years Prior| Net sales or revenues| 65357| 64948| 63367|

Earnings before inter . exp & tax| 4673| 4402| 5272| Earnings| 2488| 2214| 2849|
Total Assets| 3.30| 2.86| 3.33|

Based on your preliminary review, is your company performing better than, equal to, or less favorably than in the prior year? Briefly explain.|

The company performed better than the prior year in attempt to recover from a decline that occurred last year compared to two years prior. | General Company and Marketing Information
Chapter 2: General Company and Marketing Information – Question 1 Look for pictures of product and people that are colorful and send a positive company signal to the reader. | CategoryExample: Volunteer Activities| MessageOngoing and contributing to the success of the community| Community Support| Donate 5% of income to multiple causes| Low Price| Commitment to competitive pricing.|

Own Brand| Expect more pay less brand that reinforces low price commitment| Improving website| Commitment to exceptional value|
| |
What is the broader message from this information?|

Delivery of superior guest (customer) experience Drive growth up, enhance gross margins and profitabilityImprove experience of management and invest capital...
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