Museum Marketing Mix

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I – Introduction

I have been offered a short period placement in the National Maritime Museum. As part of my team projects in the Marketing Department, I have to produce a brief report to describe the marketing mix of the organisation in order to examine different aspects of marketing.

The National Maritime Museum located in the heart of Greenwich where is home to historically buildings and most important national collections. It is the museum itself and also is a visitor attraction, which is funded by the Government to maintain its World Heritage Site.

Each year the museum attracts many visitors from all over the world to come and see a wide range of displays and to have the understanding of the seas, oceans, time and space, planets and the universe and know the importance and their relationship with people.

As a tourist attraction, the museum has to produce a marketing plan to meet the needs of the market and the visitors. Marketing mix is an essential part affect customer’s motivation for all organisations in terms of products, price, place and promotion.

II – Marketing Mix

2. Products

Visitors, of course, come to museum to see the arts, galleries, collections, displays and models. In the National Maritime Museum visitors can explore the astronomy and time by seeing how stars and planets are born, the Solar systems, Harrison timekeeper at the galleries. There are over two million collections relating to seafaring, astronomy, time measurement and navigation with over 9000 objects and 12,000 images in the museum.

The other reason for visitors to come to the museum is that Greenwich is also a tourist destination itself, well known as a World Heritage Site. Specifically, the museum is made up of three significant sites, which are: the Royal Observatory, famous as the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the Prime Meridian Line (Longitude 0 degree, the Queen’s House – the first building built with the classical style in England and the National Maritime Museum galleries (Maritime galleries). These three main sites can also be separate products. They have Observatory Galleries, Planetarism in the Royal Observatory; rare portrait collections by the most famous painters Van Dyck, Gainsborough, Hogarth and Reynolds in the Queen’s House.

The museum does not target any specific type of customers, they do a lot of activities to attract families with children, adults, group visit, school trips and businesses:

• Permanent and temporary exhibitions


The museum runs many exhibitions for all people throughout the year. For example, North-West Passage, Astronomy Photographer, Jeremy Millar: Given are three highlighted exhibitions.


Besides, tour exhibitions are quite popular and normally full-booked as they complement activities on-site and make a tour through many places in the UK such as Beacon, Glasgow, Hull, Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth, etc… Some big tour exhibitions are: Beside the Seaside on tour, Turmoil and Tranquillity on tour, Your Ocean on tour and on tour – Skin deep: a history of tattooing.


They also offer exhibition specialise for children called All Hands and the Bridge Interactive Galleries open to families every Tuesdays weekly and during school holidays. It all designed for children at all ages, they will be able to send a semaphore signal, load a cargo ship and more exciting is firing a cannon. This exhibition is also use for school group as a superb resource.

• Special Events

The National Maritime Museum produces a variety of events include family events, adult programmes, school programmes, and sign-interpreted events.


A lot of fun activities are offered in family events for all, for under five years old and five years old plus in particular. There are some more special events for summer holidays, half-term holidays, which are Explore Saturdays,...
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